Dealer Solutions


MCode™ License:

License MCode™ for use in your current point of purchase marketing material and advertising. We will integrate with your inventory provider and provide you with a unique MCode™ for each vehicle in your inventory which can be used in your advertising.

$200 monthly Fee, $200 One time set up Fee.

Facebook Inventory Showcase Ads

Typical Facebook Advertising provided by other vendors only show one vehicle per facebook Carousel Card. We have uniquely developed our Inventory ads to showcase many vehicles in each carousel card which allows us to SHOWCASE your WHOLE INVENTORY to the shopper. MAutoSearch is generating some of the lowest cost per visitors in the industry as we present your dealership in a visual manner which builds belief that you can easily help them find a vehicle.

$600 monthly fee, $200 one time set up fee

Showroom & Lot Pre-Owned Inventory Guides:

While the economics of large scale print advertising doesn’t usually make sense, shoppers still like the convenience of browsing through a brochure when they visit your store. You won’t need many copies and with our automated production you can provide this service at a low cost. Each of your used vehicles is prominently displayed with a photo, year, make, model and optional price for easy shopping during a store visit. And of course, each vehicle contains an MCode™ so the shopper can easily stay connected with your dealership.
Two Page Guide: $225 per month
Four Page Guide: $325 per month
Eight Page Guide: $395 per month
One Time Set Up Fee: $200


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